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Anna Maria Guasch

Anna Maria Guasch
Anna Maria Guasch

Anna Maria Guasch is a Professor of Global Art History and Art Criticism at the University of Barcelona.  In the last fifteen years, Guasch has focused on the study of international art from the second half of the 20th Century and has analyzed the expositions it has generated. This line of investigation has lead to publications The Art of the 20th Century and Its Exhibitions: 1945-1995 (Serbal Editions, Barcelona, 2009) and The Manifestos of Postmodern Art: Texts of Expositions 1980-1995 (Akal/Arte Contemporáneo, Madrid, 2000) with contributions by C. Joachimides, D. Kuspit, A. Bonito Oliva, K. Power, D. Crimp, H. Foster, T. Crow, H. Szeemann, C. David, J.H. Martin y T. McEvilley, among others.

Currently, Guasch focuses her investigations on three areas: Archiving – Memory and Contemporary Art, Art History and Visual Studies, and Contemporary Art and Globalization. The first of these foci was developed and exhibited in Visual Autobiographies: Between the Archive and the Index (Siruela, Madrid, 2009), and Art and Archive: Genealogies, Typologies, and Discontinuities(Madrid, Akal/Arte Contemporáneo, 2011), and in presentations at conferences of related sciences such as the 20th ANPAP Meeting (Rio de Janeiro, 2011) in which she presented Contemporary Archival Practices: Between the Domestic and the Public, Memory and History, Global and Local.

In her research on Contemporary Art and Globalization, her noteworthy contributions to international conferences and seminars include From Here: Context and Internationalization presented at the 3rd Summit of Critics and Investigators (Valparaiso, Chile, 2011) and her invitation to the international conferences Refocusing on Issuers: Ink Painting through a Perspective of Art History (Shanghai, May 2012) and Art, Criticism and the Forces of Globalization (Winchester School of Art / University of Southhampton and Tate, Liverpool, September 2012). Concerning the theme generally, her notable work includes the text The Global Effect: Art in the Era of MobilityTranslation, and Memory(in press) and her commission at the exposition The Memory of the Other in the Global Era in Bogota, Colombia (2009), Santiago, Chile (2010), and Havana, Cuba (2011).

Between 2000 and 2011, Guasch has been a Visiting Fellow in the Universities of PrincetonYaleColumbiaSan Diego, and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2002, she was a Visiting Scholar at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles and completed her research residency in 2008. She has taught seminars and courses at many institutions including the Pontificia Catholic University of Chile (2002), Esmeralda Institute of Fine Arts (Mexico City, 2003), and San Antonio School of Cinema of Los Baños, (Havana, Cuba, 2005), as well as the Universities of Antioquia(Medellin) and the Bogota National University (Colombia, 2004, 2006, 2007) and at the University of Nuevo León (Monterrey, Mexico, 2006).


Last update: November 11th, 2019

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