Anna Dot

1991, Vic

Anna Dot
Anna Dot

Anna Dot is an artist and PhD in Translation by the University of Vic (2019). She combines artistic research with teaching at UVic, and is also a member of the directive team at the School of Arts of Torelló. Her work, represented by Bombon Projects in Barcelona, is centred on the study of translation and communicative acts, putting the focus on the processes of reading and writing beyond linguistic limits. The processes and materials with which she works depend on the ideas that she is working at every moment. Her link to the notion of walking as an artistic practice, which is worked by collectives like Deriva Mussol, from Vic, or the projects like Grand Tour, by Nau Coclea, is evidenced by some of Dot’s projects, such as her intervention at the Walter Benjamin Route 2016, her performance at Bianyal 2017, the interventions for the program “Naturalesa no és paisatge – Escenes erràtiques” at ARBAR in the summer 2020, or the series of routes “Octavianes”, initiated collectively and still in the process of being realised.

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