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Zemack Contemporary Art

Zemack Contemporary Art (ZCA) aims to deliver a fresh perspective on contemporary art, created by established Israeli and international artists. Since its foundation in 2010, ZCA has had a notable impact on the Israeli art scene and is currently considered one of the leading galleries in Tel Aviv. During these 5 years the gallery held more than 40 exhibitions, participated in 30 international art fairs and printed more than 20 artist books and catalogs. The gallery exhibits 4­5 solo shows a year and holds a tradition of visiting exhibitions and collaborations such as the Old Masters Exhibition, Gallery Selection of Prominent Art Graduates, collaboration with established international galleries. Taking an active part in the lively global dialogue of the international art scene, ZCA supports and promotes its artists globally, exposing its Israeli artists to the major international art markets. ZCA organizes exhibitions in leading galleries, art spaces and museums in North America, Europe and Asia, and participates regularly in international art fairs, such as Art Miami, Miami and New York, Art Stage Singapore, Art Central Hong Kong, Start Saatchi Gallery and others.

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