HESTIA Art Residency & Exhibitions Bureau

Hestia is an independent multidisciplinary visual art space devoted to the exchange of knowledge, experience and thought amongst cultural practitioners in order to further research, present and develop projects about contemporary issues and artistic practices with a focus on what is defined as the Global South. 

The gallery is located in the centre of Belgrade, in a private apartment at Topličin Venac 14/9 (4th floor). The name comes from Hestia (gr. /ˈhɛstiə/), the Greek Goddess of hearth, domesticity and architecture; being a residency and having a fire place in the space representing this on a symbolic level. The space includes a residency, a library accessible to all visitors and an exhibition space. With a program of residencies, exhibitions, talks, film viewings, workshops and multiple other events, our mission is to create and put forward ways of thinking related to contemporary visual culture and issues related to the less canonic references and the Global South.