Péter Forgács


Ani Molnár, Budapest

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Péter Forgács
29 min
Format & Technical

Edition of 5 + 2 AP

Péter Forgács’s video Venom is based on Zsófia Bán’s short story with the same title. The fictional details focus on the famous Hungarian actress, the femme fatale of her times, Katalin Karády during her expat years in Brazil. In the video, Zsófia Bán’s voice over narrates Karády’s story juxtaposed with the parallel world of the moving images consisting of the private films made by Bán’s father in Brazil during the fifties. The interlaced home-movies, family photos and documents are arranged in a collage-like, dimmed manner. The everydays of a family and a foreign land are juxtaposed with the late diva’s identity crisis related to emigration.

Péter Forgács has created and re-created movies of found and private films throughout his artistic practice. These works picture the emotional and mental changes that ordinary lives undergo as a result of political events. His visual techniques include hovering images, interlocking screens veiling each other, multi-projections and repetitions of text and imagery, all of which serve to translate the dreamlike transition of personal remembrance and reality. The intimate and subtle gaze of his films sets them apart from the voyeurs’ position, producing instead a strong and mesmerizing atmosphere.