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Fito Conesa

Anoxia. A Constant Prelude

Fito Conesa
Anoxia. A Constant Prelude

Cruisers traverse the Mediterranean from Barcelona, spinning a web of unpredictable constellations, like someone who spends their free time connecting dots on a piece of paper so frequently that it begins to tear.

Late capitalist denialism is, in reality, the natural outcome of our fear of not knowing how to manage collapse, change, and bad news. We are incapable of grasping action and movement beyond the guilt that paralyses us.

Anoxia. A Constant Prelude is an opera that gradually narrates some of the most evident issues that the Mediterranean Sea has been subjected to; a visual song that expands upon our questionable coexistence and recounts in thermal glissandos the darkness that unfolds, yet it does not rely solely on fatalism as the only possible melody.

It is an audiovisual work created in several phases, with diverse voices, multiple sensitivities, and real alliances; a naumachia in three acts.

The exhibition in Centre d’Art Tecla Sala is split into two parts: a foreword that serves as an overture to the main piece which the project is named after, followed by the projection of the debut opera on a large screen positioned at the back of the room. In the foreword or prologue space, all the process and preparation materials can be seen and consulted, both from the compositional and conceptual aspects.

The material comes from various municipal and museum archives and, along with the scores and other elements/objects (plans, texts, small sculptures, newspaper archives that have appeared throughout the research), will place the viewer in a specific conceptual, emotional, and political framework.

Anoxia, an opera in three acts that offers various approaches to the contemporary issues of the Mediterranean Sea.

*Anoxia is the lack (or almost lack) of breathable oxygen in cells, tissues of an organism or in an aquatic system.

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