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Ways of Filmmaking

— Opening session LOOP Talks 2016

Thursday 2 June 2016, 9:30 — 10:30 am

Ways of Filmmaking
Malcolm Le Grice, Horror Film 1 (1971), Film shadow performance, 12 min

One of the seminal filmmakers to emerge from the London Filmmaker’s Cooperative in the 1960s,  Malcolm Le Grice’s oeuvre spans cinema and gallery, analogue and digital, theory and practice. Deemed by the British Film Institute to be “probably the most influential modernist filmmaker in British cinema,” Le Grice is known for his rigorous interrogation of filmic materiality, innovative engagements with found footage, expanded cinema experiments, and commitment to a politicized critique of the illusionism of Hollywood cinema. More recently, he has engaged deeply with the aesthetic possibilities of digital technologies, including digital 3D. In this conversation, Le Grice will discuss the guiding concerns of his nearly-fifty year career as an artist and writer, and will reflect upon how the relationships between art and the moving image have developed and transformed since the 1960s.

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