13 — 25 November 2018

Ignasi Aballí, 'Visión I', 2014

The video piece Vision I (2014) by Ignasi Aballí enters temporarily the permanent collection of MNAC to establish a dialogue with Joaquim Mir and other Catalan modernist artists. In this way, the treatment of light that occupies the work of Aballí is here framed from the artificiality of a florescent bulb (a neon perhaps) that ends its useful life with flickers and sparkles. A final moment of the daily object, an event as irrelevant as unrepeatable, that receives the attention of the artist who records it looking to capture the light as a central theme of an art that is pictorial as much as conceptual. Aballí’s approach to light, shows us a contemporary vision of an interest that is present throughout the history of art.