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Video Selecta

— 11 Obras de videoarte de colección

18 October 2012 — 6 January 2013

Video Selecta

VIDEO SELECTA is an exhibition which consists of key pieces that have had an outstanding presence in the history of LOOP Fair, which are able to satisfy the more specialized public and at the same time, to the general public. The pieces have been lent by private collectors and the artists themselves, making thus visible the relationship through the past ten years between the Banc Sabadell’s Foundation and LOOP Fair. Moreover, it proves the commitment to the promotion of private collecting video and diffusion of these contemporary practices.

List of exihbited works

Marco Brambilla 'Civilization (Megaplex)', 2008
Colección Fundació Sorigué
Marco Brambilla 'Evolution (Megaplex)', 2010
Privat Collection
Daniel Canogar 'Scanner', 2008
Colección Olorvisual
Chen Chien-Jen 'The Route'
Colección Estefanía Meana
Muchael J. Grey 'Recapitulate: Retrace, Erase, Reapeat, 2007
Privat Collection
Isaac julien 'Better Life', 2010
Privat Collection
Cristina Lucas 'La Liberté Raisonné", 2009
Colección Ámister Hotel
Hans Op De Beeck 'Sea of tranquility' 2010
Privat Collection
Miguel angel Ríos 'Return'. 2003-2004
Colección Fundación Sorigué
Eve Sussman 'Whiteonwhite: Algorithmicnoir', 2009-2011
Colección Ámister Hotel
Bill Viola 'The Innocents', 2007
Colección Ámister Hotel
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