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‘Venedors dels Mercats de Barcelona’

— A project by Jordi Bover

27 May — 19 June 2016

‘Venedors dels Mercats de Barcelona’

FoodCultura Satellite Boqueria presents  the moving image piece “Venedors dels Mercats de Barcelona, 1979” (Merchants of the Markets in Barcelona). The audiovisual montage, based on images and texts by Barcelonian photographer Jordi Bover takes us back in time to experience life in the markets of the city during the end of the 1970s.

In 1979, aged 23, Bover started his first job as a photographer taking portraits in Barcelona’s markets. His visual imagery offers a true and rewarding token of the humanity one could breathe amongst the food stalls. Even though years have gone by since that time, this quality has managed to remain meaningful and valuable for both the merchants and the public. Venedors dels Mercats de Barcelona, 1979 aims to create a similar result; by integrating food, popular culture and contemporary art, all within the context of the market in order to trigger dynamics that develop people’s sense for dialogue, taste and thought.

“Jordi Bover has worked extensively around performance photography, especially street theatre and dance, both in Catalunya and France, producing a graphic chronicle of artistic companies such as Circ Perillós, Mal Pelo, Royal de Luxe, Le Phun, La Machine… featured in various exhibitions and publications. A photograph is a still photogram of life’s motion in which the tension between the photographed subject and its environment creates a link in the course of time, a fragment of narrative, and as a consequence of this quality it bonds its art with literature almost in a stonger way than with the plastic medium.” Luís Chacón

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