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Tony Oursler. L-7, L-5 / Imponderable

— Curated by Nimfa Bisbe

27 May — 3 September 2017

Tony Oursler. L-7, L-5 / Imponderable
Tony Oursler, "L-7, L-5," 1984 (detail) © Tony Oursler 2017

This exhibition brings together two significant works by American artist Tony Oursler: his first video installation, “L-7, L-5” (1984), and his latest major production, the 5D film “Imponderable” (2015).

Pioneering multimedia artist Tony Oursler (New York, 1957) has devoted a large part of his work to observing how popular culture influences society’s imagination. L-7, L-5 (1984) is Oursler’s first large video installation, created with different objects, sculptural elements and a series of monitors that project images or act as light sources. That work marked the beginning of the artist’s experimentation with video outside the boundaries of the monitor screen. The exhibition also includes the film Imponderable (2015-2016), his most recent large production. Full of immersive design effects and shot in 5-D, this captivating piece allows Oursler to unfold a phantasmagorical history of the last two centuries, combining digital technologies with occultism. Both pieces were recently added to the Col·lecció “la Caixa”.

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