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“The intentionality that seeks…”

— Exhibition curated by Laura Olea López and Maria G. Latorre, in collaboration with Memoria Artística Chema Alvargonzalez and part of the Berlin Art Week

17 — 24 September 2021

“The intentionality that seeks…”

The group exhibition “The intentionality that seeks…” is an international selection of moving image artworks that bring a new vision on the visual  poem by the Spanish artist and founder of GlogauAIR Chema Alvargonzalez. The artworks selected are part of LOOP’s online archive VIDEOCLOOP.

The piece “About Navigation” (2005) is one of the artworks that Chema Alvargonzalez left us with after he passed away in 2009. This visual poem can be read as a word puzzle that provides infinite possibilities thanks to its multiple word-combinations. The unlimited chances cause a drift, multiple encounters and places to intentionally let thoughts flow. The videoworks gathered in this group exhibition connect with the words scattered through the visual poem by Alvargonzalez. Together, the moving images and evocative concepts they represent, suggest different ways of navigating the blurred reality we live in.

When reality is shown through a representation, sometimes an encrypted map, the only track that we can follow is the whimsical compass. We could call it the intentionality: is it maybe gut? Human instincts? Social costum? Subconscious drives? Yes, choices -many times random- establish unexpected experiences. The unforeseen journey generates a unique situated knowledge, producing one’s own perspective. Making reality a phenomenon in eternal construction. Leaving just the intentionality as the guide in this game board (how Alvargonzalez presents these concepts on the artwork) we can play around looking, imagining, leaning out, evoking the ambiguity of poetry.



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