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‘The Game’. Domènec Gibert

— Premiere

27 May — 4 June 2016

‘The Game’. Domènec Gibert

“This work began 15 years ago when I started my job with black and white and color infrared film. During years I worked the emulsion until the negative disappeared to turn into digital photography. It was at this time that I had to look for other formats different from negative. I found them on the infrared filters correctly placed into the camera to change the sensor response. The technological progress allowed capturing video through cameras that, when they are modified, they would enable this work. The story that wants to explain ‘The Game’ is about two people that fortunately or unfotunately have time in their hands. They try to alliviate the boredom by playing a game that keeps them busy but can also put the universe in danger. It is a brief insight about the small dimension of the humankind in an infinite universe, from our point of view.”   Domènec Gibert

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