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Arash Nassiri

— A selection of video works

26 May — 11 June 2016

Arash Nassiri
Arash Nassiri, Tehran-Geles (2014), 18min, 9sec. Courtesy Han Nefkens H+F Collection

The works selected for Arash Nassiri's solo show are inspired by the events that use light for entertainment. It can be fireworks for the celebration of an event, stage lightning for a music show or special effects in a film.

Tehran-Geles is a fictional vision of Tehran using Los Angeles as its set. During an aerial journey we discover an uncanny landscape. While flying over boulevards, personal souvenirs of migrants create an echo to the collective story of the Iranian capital. Arriving in Downtown, the buildings are saturated with neon signs, pulsating with the voices, taking us on a hallucinating trip. Like in the science fictional genre, where the present is projected into the future, this short movie projects the past of Tehran into the Western present.

In New Days the theater of phantasmagorias that was invented for entertainment in Europe is reused to present landscapes of Los Angeles where Iranian animations are pasted upon.

Untitled consist of a series of led panels showing abstract animations used for promotion and advertising. The low quality animations are used without any text, thus becoming the central focus of what seems to be a falshy visual experiment.


‘Arash Nassiri’ at Fundació Suñol ©David Campos

'Arash Nassiri' at Fundació Suñol ©David Campos

‘Arash Nassiri’ at Fundació Suñol ©David Campos

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