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IDENSITAT. ‘Sounds of Our Cities’.

11 — 21 November 2021

IDENSITAT. ‘Sounds of Our Cities’.
Project 'Sounds of Our Cities', by IDENSITAT. Courtesy of the artists.

'Sounds of Our Cities' is the result of a collaborative experimentation process activated by IDENSITAT.

Sounds of Our Cities is a project based on research and knowledge transfer between art, technology and social space. The resulting exhibition includes sound art projects developed in two cities, the Krottegem district in Roeselare and the Sant Andreu district in Barcelona, mounting a critical reflection upon cultural identity in relation to community and silence. Based upon memories and remembrances, the 11 projects offer a fictional landscape in which to imagine other realities or experiences, new cities which are not so remote from the cartographic territories that we understand as real and existing. An opportunity to imagine the utopian or dystopian, using elements of memory.

The exhibition in Barcelona is based upon an information point located in the Sant Andreu Civic Centre, and expands outside the exhibition space. Based on the work of each artist, and on stories collected by residents from the Sant Andreu district, sound installations have been realised at various significant points within the neighbourhood, thus creating an “imagined city” where sound and space form a new reality.

The artists participating in the exhibition share methodology and sensitivity to issues such as collective memory, the recovery of voices, and the urban imaginary. Each one presents the community and the sonic work from a different perspective, some adopting processes of collaboration as an essential part of the work, creating more performative results, and others instead using objects or architectural spaces as their strategy for collecting stories and experiences.

The artists participating in the exhibition are: Donia Jourabchi with the participation in the workshop of Natalia Domínguez, Aleix Plademunt, Wingel Gilberto, Anna Recasens, Sofía Balbontín, Matthias Neumann, Sena Aydin, Yolanda de los Bueis, Jordina Roca, Christos Papasotiriou i Carolina de la Cajiga; Zsofia Szonja; Raphael Daibert; In-Dialog Collective with the participation of José Pablo Parra and Mila von Chobiak from the Master of Sound Art (UB); Anne Fehres and Luke Conroy; Martí Madaula; Banu Çiçek Tülü; John Grzinich; Dynamische Akustische Forschung (Dynamic Acoustic Research), Marta Azparren and Pablo Martin Jones, and the Voices project with the participation of students from the master’s degree course in Sound Art (UB), the master’s degree course in Research in Art and Design (Eina-UAB), and the Creation Workshop course, part of the degree in Fine Arts (UB).

Sounds of our Cities is a cultural cooperation project involving the City of Roeselare (BE), Dear Hunter (NL), Aalborg University (DK) and Idensitat (ES). Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme.





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