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Scent Travelling

13 November — 13 December 2020

Scent Travelling

Digital’ and ‘smell’ seem like two mutually exclusive words, but in this little exhibition their conjunction makes perfect sense. Tracking Shot of Smells brings together a selection of videos from the colección olorVISUAL at the Fundación Ernesto Ventós, all of which were chosen to be part of the colection because they awakened the olfactory memory of its founder.

For the perfumer and collector Ernesto Ventós the video was a compilation of images that transported him by way of the olfactory memory to moments he had lived. As he often exclaimed, a video was ‘A thousand images in a single work!’, which rooted him in his memories and experiences, both personal and professional.

These videos also connect with the Gaudían imaginary of Casa Vicens: nature elegantly yet insistently invading the rooms of the house; colours that we find in every corner and smells that help us imagine the life of the family that lived in it.

Technology, colours, smells, memories.

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