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Retrospective: The journey of the artist to Asia

Friday 22 November 2019, 7 pm

Retrospective: The journey of the artist to Asia

The program presented by Casa Asia in LOOP Festival of videoart of Barcelona brings together three programs of videoart and two closed encounters. The headquarters that will host these programs are Cinemes Girona, Almanac Hotel and B The Travel Brand Xperience Barcelona, where The journey of the artist to Asia | a Retrospective of Sergi Aguilar’ work will be screened. As if they were flash fiction written by themselves, the videos presented by this artist cross the Asian continent from Iran to Cambodia, Vietnam and Japan. In the course of over twenty years, Sergi Aguilar has put into practice a multidisciplinary speech that has let him engage drawing, sculpture, installation, and video in the same work, without leaving aside his particular research of audiovisual aids, supports, and formats. After the introductory conversation between Sergi Aguilar and Menene Gras Balaguer, director of Culture and Exhibitions of Casa Asia, about these short narratives and the future “video”, the program, which includes the works in video filmed between 1996 and 2019, will follow in this order Kyoto, Iran, De Phonm a Srepok Area, Srepok protected área, Ho Chin Minh | Hanoi, Moving Objets, 17:20:20 – 17:21:15:

Kyoto, 1996/2019 | 3:17 min
Iran, 2001/2005 | 11:05 min
De Phonm a Srepok Area, 2005/2008 | 11:37 min
Srepok protected area, 2005/2019 | 2:28 min
Ho Chi Minh / Hanoi, 2005/2008 | 19:32 min
Moving Objects, 2005/2008 | 3:05 min
17:20:00 – 17:21:15, 2005/2008 | 1:15 min

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