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— Ten years of video

16 May — 25 June 2017

©Pep Herrero

This retrospective celebrates work produced under the first ten years of "Producció BCN"

The BCN Producció programe was launched in 2006 with the aim of incentivizing the production of contemporary art, as well as the participation of artists and professionals from the field, through an open call and a selection of projects carried out by independent jury members. This cycle of screenings seeks to review the works that were produced in video format during the program’s ten editions, which represent a high percentage of the total number of projects that Barcelona Producció has contributed to. The works display a wide array of characteristics and intentions; some were conceived as a single-channel project, with a clearly narrative intention and following “conventional” viewer codes; others were planned in the form of installations, to be part of a larger exhibition proposal; others still are the result of performative projects that, in being recorded, resulted in a video piece that on the one hand documents and on the other transcends the time boundaries of a live action.

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