Primera Mort

— Jardín del Maduxeir group (Angel Jové, Silvia Gubert, Jordi Galí, Antoni Lena), 1970

11 — 27 May 2017

This piece was first presented at the Architects Association of Barcelona. Since then, it has not returned for showing in Barcelona. Imma preserved the piece in Betacam after having seen it at TV3 Galeria Oberta (1984-1986), where a fragment was on view. The piece was also shown at MNCARS in 1987, in the context of the exhibition “The Sublime Image: Video Production in Spain (1970-1987).

The piece draws inspiration from Édouard Manet’s “Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe” (1862-1863) and aims to highlights death in the Spanish art system during the Franco regime. This said, the artists claim the purely circumstantial nature of the piece. The voiceover that accompanies the video recording consists of readings of fragments from the novel “The Naked Lunch” by American writer William Burroughs (ENG: William Burroughs, CAT: Jordi Galí)