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PREAMBULS. Cinema i transició. Pere Portabella

— A debate with Pere Portabella and moderated by Lluis Miñarro

Tuesday 6 June 2017, 6 pm

PREAMBULS. Cinema i transició. Pere Portabella
Pere Portabella, 'Informe General II. El nuevo rapto de Europa', 2015, 120 min

Lluís Miñarro proposes the projection of three emblematic movies of the Catalan Cinema and a series of debates on the unsuccessful transitions of the Spanish State towards the Democracy.

This cycle consists of the screening of three landmark films of Catalan cinema, accompanied by a series of debates on the Spanish state’s failed transitions towards democracy. From the 1960s onwards, the most politically committed sectors of Catalan society received the cultural influence of other countries. Some filmmakers shifted from the official trends and began to produce a different type of cinema, both in terms of form and content. Pere Balañài Bonvehí (Barcelona, 1925-1995) was a rare filmmaker, the director of one, little-known film, representative of the changes that were starting to show in a society then governed by the Opus Dei politicians. Antoni Padrós (Terrassa, 1937) offers an anarchic and provocative outlook, produced in a marginalised situation and ignored by the cinema industry and the intelligentsia. Pere Portabella (Figueres, 1929) works to this day in proposals that protest against the status quo, exploring video’s many expressive possibilities.


Tuesday 06.06 – Pere Portabella, 'Informe General II. El nuevo rapto de Europa', 2015, 120 min
Pere Portabella still working today with proposals that answer the status quo, with the same desire to explore the many possibilities expressive medium offers. Forty years after the first 'Report general ', Portabella portrays as the political present from the perspective social movements as an alternative to the traditional parties.
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