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PREAMBULS. Cinema i transició.

— A program by Lluís Miñarro

Tuesday 23 May 2017, 6 pm

PREAMBULS. Cinema i transició.
Pere Balañà y Bonvehí ‘El último sábado’, 121 min (1966)

Lluís Miñarro proposes the projection of three emblematic movies of the Catalan Cinema and a series of debates on the unsuccessful transitions of the Spanish State towards the Democracy.

Since the 60s, the most awkward Catalan society receives different cultural influences coming from other countries. Some filmmakers were unmarked of the official trend, doing a very different cinema from the point of view of the content, the form, and also the production. Pere Balañà y Bonvehí is a rare filmmaker, the director of an unique, little known and representative movie that annonces changes that already were appearing in a society at that time managed by the politicians of the Opus Dei. Antoni Padrós offers us an anarchic and provocative look made from the marginality,  ignored by the cinematographic industry and the intelligentsia. Pere Portabella, still today works with projects that question the status quo, exploring the multiple expressive possibilities of the medium.

‘El último sábado’ (1966) , Pere Balañà y Bonvehí, 121 min

“Lock Out “(1973), Antoni Padrós, 130 min.


‘Informe General II. El nuevo rapto de Europa’ (2015), Pere Portabella, 120 min.

Casa Elizalde Programme

23th May 2017, "El último sábado" (1966)
Pere Balañà y Bonvehí, 121 min.
30th May 2017, "Lock Out" (1973)
Antoni Padrós, 130 min.
6th Jun 2017, ‘Informe General II. El nuevo rapto de Europa’ (2015)
Pere Portabella, 120 min.
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