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— Where the body meets the mind

14 — 30 November 2019


A selection from the Gazprombank’s and Screen Projects’ collections

Gazprombank and Screen Projects meet in a dialogue that explores the most human aspects of both collections. Different in history, vision and location, the two realities share a same interest in researching and supporting video as a creative language. From this encounter stems a proposal that discloses the most hidden side of communication, one that is made of words and uspoken gestures alike: those of the mind and the body. Six videos altogether, three per collection, present a focus on verbal and gestural language, confronting the soul with its innermost self, the other and the community.

The works of Gary Hill, Pablo Lobato and Enrique Ramirez, from Screen Projects, and those by Victor Alimpiev, Elena Kovylina and Shasha Pirogova from the Gazprombank’s Collection, become fragments of a multi-language conversation. Viewers are invited to partake to this multi-subject exchange of attempted communication, and ultimately led to question their selves and their own essence. 

After its presentation at Casa de Russia in the context of the LOOP Festival, PERSPECTIVES will tour to one of the leading museum of contemporary art in Moscow and later to Recontemporary, in Turin.

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