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One Foot Out: Expeditions and Diasporas

— curated by Jordi Antàs

23 September 2016 — 11 September 2017

One Foot Out: Expeditions and Diasporas
Adrià Julià

A film project exploring international connections in and beyond the art market

Adrià Julià’s (Barcelona, 1974) work deals with memory, resistance, displacement, and the erosion that occurs as a result of the interdependence of people and their environment. Julià, who is particularly interested in cinematographic language, carries out research processes and record the experience through installations and multimedia performances.

For the program One Foot Out. Expeditions and Diasporas, Julià will explore the cross-links between two seemingly unrelated events that reveal far-reaching global dynamics: the sale of Catalan Romanesque paintings to North-American buyers in the early twentieth century, and the introduction of American football in Barcelona a century later. The core of the project is a 16 mm film.

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