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Not Another Architecture Film

— A selection of works from the 'In Residence' series by Nowness

27 — 30 May 2016

Not Another Architecture Film
Matthew Donaldson, 'In Residence: Jean Pigozzi'

In the context of its 30th anniversary, the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion participates in the LOOP Festival once again with a selection of films titled Not Another Architecture Film, including works from the In Residence series, produced by the Nowness video platform and directed by young Catalan filmmaker Albert Moya.

In Residence is a series of short videos, shot by different authors, and devoted to discovering the homes of celebrated architects, designers and artists. The group of videos on display includes those dedicated to the studio-house of architect Ricardo Bofill, built on the site of a former factory, and the labyrinth-house of sculptor Xavier Corberó, both of which are located on the outskirts of Barcelona.

In Residence: Ricardo Bofill (Dir. Albert Moya)
In Residence: Xavier Corbero (Dir. Albert Moya)
In Residence: Jean Pigozzi (Dir. Matthew Donaldson)
In Residence: Patrizia Moroso (Dir. Matthew Donaldson)
In Residence: Ian Simpson (Dir. Emile Rafael)


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