Margarita Andreu. Recorreguts

— curated by Teresa Camps & Lilianna Marín

18 — 27 May 2017

An exhibition of works in multiple mediums by a famously multidisciplinary maker

Margarita Andreu (Cercs, 1953 – Barcelona, 2013) carried out a life-long research on perception and understanding of the binomial time-space. Intangible elements such as light, sound and color are present in her multidisciplinary work, where the materials, symbols and themes of urban space are continuously transformed, in a clear reflection of the constant changes in contemporary society. By means of photography, installation, videos, prints, drawings and paintings, Andreu exposed these dynamic elements, illuminating their subtler, less noticeable sides, which, even if silently, also contribute to the configuration of our everyday landscape.