— Liberxina. Pop and new artistic behaviors 1966-1971

15 November 2018 — 15 March 2019

Jackie Raynal, 'Deux Fois', 1968

This exhibition owes its title to a Carles Duran movie, Liberxina/90, which was censored by the Franco regime. A lot remains to be said about Duran, a filmmaker and member of the School of Barcelona, just like there is still a lot to explore in the cinema of Gonzalo Herralde or in the experimental films of Àngel Jové. We must also ask ourselves about the only woman filmmaker who visited Barcelona in 1968, Jackie Raynal. We cannot think about new artistic behaviours without considering this plurality of voices and perspectives that insist on a critical exploration of the object: the mechanisms, techniques and processes through which we got to it, the system that articulates it and defines it, and the subject-spectator that perceives it. In a way, we are witnessing a time when, under the idea of destruction and construction, the new creative codes are established. A crisis of the systems we already know is sought, taking into consideration all the signifiers and the signified notions, and an opening towards new ways of understanding artistic creation is longed for. Thinking about the different productions that take place over these years undoubtedly brings us closer to a new consciousness and subjectivity, not only of the artist but also –and this is important– of the spectator.