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courtyard presents ‘High Heel Beloveds’ by Leslie Thornton

— A selection by courtyard

Saturday 19 November 2022, 9 pm

courtyard presents ‘High Heel Beloveds’ by Leslie Thornton
Leslie Thornton, 'High Heel Beloved', 4:30 min, 2021.

Online exhibition space courtyard presents a preview screening of its upcoming production High Heel Beloveds by Leslie Thornton. For High Heel Beloveds, Thornton VJs her archive of castaway footage from her opus film work Peggy and Fred in Hell (1983-2015, 95 minutes). Over the course of the next year she will, in her own words, “learn how to speak into a streaming void,” through mutilating footage she has filmed and gathered over decades. Drawing from her entire history of image making, Thornton will offer a chain of experiments of hauntings and degradations, with new forms arriving and dissipating over time.

A preview of this process will be presented for the first time at LOOP Festival.

High Heel Beloveds presents never before seen footage alongside Peggy and Fred in Hell: The Prologue (1985, 18:43 min) and High Heel Beloved (2022, 4:5 min).

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