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La Niña Jacarandá. ‘Sexpiritual’

Tuesday 14 November 2023, 8 pm

La Niña Jacarandá. ‘Sexpiritual’
La Niña Jacarandá. ‘Sexpiritual'. Photo by Carla di Girolamo

To mark the opening of the LOOP Festival, La Niña Jacarandá will showcase her project called Sexpiritual.

Sexpiritual is a transdisciplinary performance that seamlessly blends a DJ set as its heartbeat, accompanied by live vocal performances intertwined with monologues that serve as a visual narrative for her upcoming EP, also named Sexpiritual. “Sexpiritual” is a word/concept that serves as a “portal” for exploring and pondering seemingly contradictory realms, such as the “spiritual dimension” and the “physical space.” It underscores how in Western culture, corporeality is often associated with “the feminine” (body, emotions, subjectivity), juxtaposed with the masculine (rational thought, objectivity, universal and empirical truth). This juxtaposition often results in corporeality being perceived as less authoritative in terms of political, material, and symbolic discourse.

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