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The Shape of Time

— Chapter 1

16 January — 23 February 2019

The Shape of Time
Hans Op de Beeck, 'Parade', 2012. Courtesy of the artist

A selection of works from private collections around the intersection of video with other creative disciplines, such as painting, sculpture, cinema, performance and architecture.

LOOP presents an exhibition around video as a creative tool at the intersection with other disciplines. Due to its temporary nature and the hectic progress in technology, video stands out as the elected medium for analysing and capturing the way in which we live. The works included in this selection belong to private collections and, altogether, propose a series of connections between video, dance, painting and architecture going well beyond the traditional language of each medium.

Since the advent of video in the sixties, or even in earlier art films, artists have explored and played with the peculiarities of the medium, its narrative and formal elements. If cinema constitutes the projection of the desire between the audience and the screen, video opens the way to a closer and more proximate relationship with the viewer. This intrusion into life, both intimate and collective, generated a critical approach to video that interested other arts. To this extent, this exhibition outlines the relationship between video and other creative dimensions. The diversity of the pieces included in the show provides a historical overview of video as an open practice, a producer of relationships between disciplines, and at the same time socially involved.


Dionís Escorsa, Cómo maltratar a la falsedad?, 2001
Alex Haas, Videograms, 2002
Oscar Muñoz, Re/trato, 2003
Sam Taylor-Wood, Strings, 2003
Paloma Navares, Cantos del campello, 2003
Paloma Navares, Cantos rodados de los sueños, 2004
Ana Malagrida, Danza de Mujer, 2007
Daniel Jacoby, Für Elise de Ludwig van Beethoven en orden de tono, 2009
Ivan Örkény and Sandy White, On False Domesticity, 2009
Marina Alexeeva, Bath / Prison («Lifeboxes»), 2011
Eve Sussman & the Rufus Corporation, The Balcony, 2011
Hans Op de Beeck, Parade, 2012
Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács, Establishing Eden, 2016
Glenda León, Hablando con Dios, 2018

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