La curva del olvido

25 March — 2 July 2017

“The forgetting curve” narrates her grandmother’s story from a personal point of view in order to discuss memories and oblivion. The work, which displays a personal cosmogony, is built from personal experiences and literary, cinematographic, and scientific references.

In her own words: “I collect real stories and connect unexpected facts for creating narratives which may offer a different perspective of how things work. I also propose poetic solutions (as in “Machine that makes Alzheimers only concerns bad memories”) that only work in an abstract and unrealistic way. Sometimes, I give ridiculous advice (like “If promises are broken, buy glue”) which only make sense within the pure mechanisms of language. I am interested in addressing our small dramas and daily tragedies using irony and humor. All of that, to create a space (although intangible) where life may seem a little easier. All is very utopic, somewhat crazy but almost always serious.

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