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La botiga dels souvenirs

— A collaboration with the School Avenç de Sant Cugat del Vallés curated by Joana Llauradó i Farrès

10 — 17 May 2017

La botiga dels souvenirs

The Centre d'Art Maristany presents the results of a workshop conducted by curator Joana Llauradó i Farrès with the students of the Secondary School Avenç de Sant Cugat del Vallés.

The students of the Secondary School of the Avenç de Sant Cugat have been developing small projects related with the notion of the city. Departing from questions such as “What is the ideal city?” or “What should the best city in the world look like?” they created different pieces: a series of video proposals where the city is presented as a space for experimentation, imaginary postcards, and a video installation. In doing so, they have gotten closer to contemporary artistic practice and the language of video art.

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