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Khaled: camí de refugi [Khaled: path of refuge]

19 — 21 November 2021

Khaled: camí de refugi [Khaled: path of refuge]

Khaled: camí de refugi is a multidisciplinary art installation structured around the notion of refuge. This installation starts from the experience and accounts of seven migrant and refugee artists from various countries who describe their own journeys.

The installation offers visitors an open and freeform circuit that allows them to know and establish contact with each of these experiences and witnesses. We posit that refuge is a universal and share need: our shared need to build and generate safe spaces in which we can be listened to, appreciated and welcomed. Each of the experiences is trold through a different artistic language. Thus, visitors can discover each of the experiences and real-life lessons told in the installation through sound, audiovisuals, music, the visual arts and lighting.

The installation is made up of six islands or blocks. Each island is a reference to one of the witness accounts that participated in the project. This represents possible refuges, but also the difficulty of finding or building next to a number of forms of violence, fears or desires.

A collective creation with: Khaled Khateb, Georgi Dimitrov, Leila Er Rabiai, Imad Amrah, Youssouf Siby, Semih Ali Aksoy i Neila Benbey

This project has been made possible thanks to an art residency Centre Cultural Albareda in collaboration with Agència Talaia, Institut Europeu de la Mediterrània, Premis Filadora – Barcelona en comú and Barcelona Town Hall. A special thanks goes to Jordi Savall, Helena Figueras, Sara Montesinos, Marc Rosich, Irene Moray, Júlia Neddermann, Maria Roig, Anna Pujol, Anna Serrano, Carme Correa, Josep Maria Miró and Lluís Sancliment. 



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