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Nicole Ip, Angel Kwan, Cyrus Leung, Tsz-Kwan Ngai, Lok-Yi Ty & Yinglin Zhou. ‘In Search of Identity’

Saturday 25 November 2023, 8 pm

Nicole Ip, Angel Kwan, Cyrus Leung, Tsz-Kwan Ngai, Lok-Yi Ty & Yinglin Zhou. ‘In Search of Identity’
Cyrus Leung, Lok-Yi Ty & Angel Kwan. 'Mirage'. Still courtesy of the artists.

The world is on the verge of a transition of generations. It has been 10 years since Time’s Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation feature was published. While most Millennials are already in their 30s, people born in the mid-90s are welcoming their early adulthood. Young, passionate, and in trend. They are the future.

Society simplifies Gen Zers as a younger version of Millennials, who are often labelled as over-self-conscious and self-centred. Simplification always leads to misunderstanding. Gen Z is, just the same as any of their precessors, unique in response to the world they grew up in. Scholars categorise Gen Z with some traits: Internet native, caring about diversity and justice, impacted by the environmental crisis and Covid-19, conscious of privacy, and still finding their own identity amidst the very loud social media era.

Putting generic speculations aside, the next generation of artists interpret the world around them, articulate their feelings, and define themselves with art.

This programme consists of four video works from artists in their 20s. They question being an individual in the globalised digital era (Yinglin Zhou, Unknown Connection Line, 2021), search for self-identity in the collage of memory fragments (Tsz Kwan Ngai, A Trip to There, 2021), reconstruct a dreamy recollection of fragmented image of their city (Cyrus Leung, Lok-Yi Ty & Angel Kwan, Mirage, 2022), and attempt to understand the frustration in relation to self and their hometown (Nicole Ip, Crevasse, 2023).



Yinglin Zhou, Unknown Connection Line (2020, 20’).
Tsz-Kwan Ngai, A Trip to There (2021, 20’).
Cyrus Leung, Lok-Yi Ty & Angel Kwan, Mirage (2022, 3’).
Nicole Ip, Crevasse (2023, 22’).


Supported by:

Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Videotage is financially supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Hong Kong Arts Development Council supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.


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