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How to Observe a Nocturnal Sky

— Parallel activity for 'One Day I Stumbled Upon a Meteorite'

Thursday 12 December 2019, 7 pm

How to Observe a Nocturnal Sky
Alexandra Laudo, 'How to Observe a Nocturnal Sky'

How to Observe a Nocturnal Sky is a performative lecture in which curator Alexandra Laudo considers some astronomical phenomena and outstanding moments in the history of astronomy – and, in particular, of what was historically one of the most prominent observatories in Europe, the former Calton Hill Observatory in Edinburgh- in relation to philosophical reflections on the night, the darkness, and our ways of seeing. Throughout the conference, Laudo also talks about different artistic works that have explored these questions, thus constructing a story that is also a curatorial exercise, a narrated exhibition. The proposal combines references belonging to astronomy, history and visual culture through narrative strategies, blurring the boundaries between curatorial performance, art exhibition, and formal lecture.


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