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Horizon Of Exile

12 — 22 November 2018

Horizon Of Exile
Isabel Rocamora, 'Horizon of exile', film still taken from 16 mm negative, 2007.

With the aim of starting a conversation with local collections committed to the promotion of contemporary art, LOOP contributes to the exhibition Somiant una possibilitat [“Dreaming of a Possibility”] curated by Natàlia Chocarro Bosom and Alicia Ventura Bordes with Isabel Rocamora’s video Horizon of Exile. On the premises of the Espais Volart, the show brings together works of the Fundació Vila Casas and the DKV collections in order to foster interactions between different artists’ practices and their personal readings of time and its peculiarities. In this context, Horizon of Exile by Rocamora stands as an intimate meditation on stories of female exile, inspired by the testimonies of Iraqi refugee women. The work shows a series of actresses as they traverse a desert, seemingly suspended in time, and highlights their choreographed movements as they address issues of land and identity.

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