27 May — 10 June 2016

Since the video, as a result of the development of technology and software, it is almost comparable to the old use of ‘pencil and paper’ for its immediacy and accessibility, more and more authors are opened to a field that, not too many years before was out of reach. The HFM screening series approaches to this new language, establishing a video platform in a wider sense and not restricted only to video art. From contemporary documentaries to video experimentation. This edition, HFM#22, will include the following videos: ‘Diálogo’ by Camila Cañeque, ‘Artiste Portatif’ by Claude Jeanmart & Jordi Cerdà, ‘Encuentros y desencuentros’ by Fernando Megías & Josep Feliu, ‘Zum sehen / Para ver / Per veure’ by Núria Manso, ‘Femme’ by Beatriz Minguez de Molina, ‘Todo es de color II’ o ‘Abstract Economy’ by Rrose Present, ‘Reconexiones II’ by Françoise Polo & ‘Ruido’ by Jordi Azategui.

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