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Cecilia Bengolea. ‘HAKAI DUB’

— A performative proposal by Cecilia Bengolea with Erika Miyauchi

Saturday 13 November 2021, 6:30 pm

Cecilia Bengolea. ‘HAKAI DUB’

Multidisciplinary artist Cecilia Bengolea, investigates anthropological and urban dance and its relationship with nature, the elements and figuration. She sees dance and performance as animated sculptures.  In 'Hakai Dub', she collaborates with Japanese dancer Erika Miyauchi to deepen her study of DUB music.

The Japanese term Hakai, stands for “destruction”; yet in Japanese culture, destruction is the starting point to improve things and rebuild. DUB music, a subgenre of Reggae with a prevailing presence of echoes, electronic effects and repetitions, originates in Jamaica from an error made by a sound engineer who forgot to record the vocal track on the instrumental. In ‘HAKAI DUB’, the artist join forces with dancer Erika Miyauchi to share her quest for the limits of real-time composition, departing from DUB music.


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