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Ricardo del Conde. ‘Hacia la niebla’

— In the context of the collaboration between L'Alternativa, the Zumzeig and LOOP.

Saturday 3 December 2022, 7 pm

Ricardo del Conde. ‘Hacia la niebla’
Ricardo del Conde, 'Hacia la niebla'. Image courtesy the artist.

L’Alternativa, Zumzeig and LOOP have teamed up to curate a selection of expanded cinema's performances, broadening our sights and enriching our understanding while weaving together the different parts of this visual cartography.

Hacia la niebla is an expanded film project that arises from the experience of contagion, isolation and release with COVID-19 from the director himself in Quebec, Canada. He works the film as matter, as possibility and as metaphor. The relationship with space, with memory and longing. The piece is an essay on a pandemic from the body. A body that embodies immunity and questions it. A dream that in turn evokes fear and hope. An exercise that starts from the paralyzing uncertainty towards the vulnerable force capable of knocking down giants.

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