Frederic Amat_Zoetrope

— Curated by Miquel Adrià

21 March — 16 July 2017

Frederic Amat, "Zoòtop 1."

An exploration of the interactions between and among urban art and architecture

Frederic Amat_Zoetrope presents a selection of projects for interventions in natural and urban spaces, often associated with architecture, with the aim of drawing a map, a topography of the artist’s work, while seeking the poetic component present in it. The exhibition is divided into three largely independent sections that between them form a unique play in three acts that provides an excellent opportunity to discover the exuberant and original imaginary that underpins Amat’s life and his art: the first proposes to resurrect the memory of Gaudí’s building by means of an intervention created expressly for the exhibition; the second features the artist’s personal selection of works that give insights into his innermost universe; and the third brings together a group of 14 projects for interventions in public and private spaces (some of them completed, others not), a kind of ‘natural history’ archive that contains references, sketches of the creative process, making-ofs and a number of pieces that are the final results.

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