Forms Of Collecting: The Evolution of the Practice In the Catalan Context

— Llucià Homs in conversation with Nimfa Bisbe, Cristina López and Andreu Rodríguez

Thursday 22 November 2018, 12:30 pm

The uncontrolled shifts in technology and innovation, paired with the accelerated unfolding of social and political events are irremediably affecting art practices in that they function as extremely permeable membranes. Faced with such occurrences, museums, public and private art institutions or corporative organisations are called to establish criteria to perform acquisitions and update their collections. Within the Catalan context, very different examples of sensibility and openness towards the transformations in art practices are to be found in the collections of “la Caixa” Foundation, the MACBA Foundation and BEEP. During this conversation moderated by Llucià Homs, Nimfa Bisbe, Cristina López and Andreu Rodríguez will illustrate the very diverse ‘forms of collecting’ that guide the institutions and organisations they lead, all the while disclosing the importance of both establishing recognisable criteria for a collection, and acquiring artworks for public dissemination.