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Fina Miralles. ‘Des de més enllà del temps’

14 September 2023 — 14 January 2024

Fina Miralles. ‘Des de més enllà del temps’
Fina Miralles. 'Des de més enllà del temps'. Image courtesy of Fundació Vila Casas.

The publication of four volumes of writings by Fina Miralles, entitled Fina Miralles. Paraules fèrtils 1973-2017, has highlighted the deep connection between the artist’s writing and visual work. The exhibition Fina Miralles. Des de més enllà del temps explores this dialogue and reveals what the eyes do not see yet which the artist helps us perceive.
In this visual universe, the white of the paper or canvas ceases to be a base for expression or representation in order to become a living space in which different shapes flow alongside one another, the forms of the wind, movements of water and rhythms of energy, and many other symbolic images. The line is the soul of these works, while the compositional structure creates a circular vision in a cosmogonic movement in which everything is related to everything else.
Among these works we find landscapes that make up a cosmocentric view of the world and draw the beauty of a universe of analogies whereby the earth, atmosphere, sky, firmament and human beings become orbits of interrelated energy. In addition to the landscapes, the figure runs through the whole of Fina Miralles’ pictorial corpus, with images that recall the common indigenous past of all humankind, the presence of the biological mother, or the cosmic tree and the water beings; and we also find a gallery of mythological beings that summon from the ancestral power of the totem, to the spirit of the forest, of the day and the night, or endow an image to the flowering of the plant kingdom.
The exhibition ends with the cycle of works entitled Memorial (1996) which the artist defines as “a journey from light towards light”. With these canvases, Fina Miralles closes the circle of life and art that she had begun in 1973.


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