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‘Film London Random Acts’ at Betevé

— selection of artists’ short films commissioned by the film and media agency Film London and Channel 4

Wednesday 14 November 2018, 10:20 pm

‘Film London Random Acts’ at Betevé
Andrea Luka Zimmerman. 'Utopia', 2016. Courtesy of the Artist and Film London.

For the second year in a row LOOP collaborates with the Catalan television station betevé to broadcast a selection of artists’ short films commissioned by the film and media agency Film London and Channel 4 over the last ten years. Since 2008 the annual Film London Jarman Award, which celebrates artist filmmakers’ creative practise, has partnered with Channel 4 to commission short moving image works of between three and four minutes for television and online. Commissioned from artists from each year’s shortlist, the films form part of Random Acts, a broadcast showcase of original short form creative content by artists from a multitude of different practices. The selection put together for LOOP gathers works from international artists such as Rachel Maclean, Marianna Simnett and Andrea Luka Zimmerman, which illustrate the variety in form and content within artists’ moving image work that the Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN) celebrates.



Ursula Mayer, 'Gonda', 2011, 1’16’’
Susanna Wallin, 'Echo Park', 2012, 2’20’’
Shezad Dawood, '7669', 2013, 3’22’’
Rachel Maclean, 'Eyes to Me', 2014, 3’14’’
Andrea Luka Zimmerman, 'Utopia', 2016, 3’
Cécile B.Evans, 'Previously on Amos’ World', 2017, 4’
Mikhail Karikis, 'Hyottoko the God of Fire', 2017, 4’
Marianna Simnett, 'The Needle & The Larynx', 2018, 4'
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