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Eulàlia Rovira. ‘The Outline of An Arch’

— Within the context of "Natura viva: muse and mimesis", curated by Carolina Grau

11 — 20 November 2022

Eulàlia Rovira. ‘The Outline of An Arch’

"Natura Viva: muse and mimesis" is an initiative and production of the Xarxa Transversal, curated by Carolina Grau, with the support of the Culture department of Generalitat de Catalunya and the collaboration of the Centres of Art, Museums and Culture departments of the consortium municipalities.

We were a sea and we have not seen it. And not just any sea, but a tropical one. The eyes do not serve to understand a time scale difficult to imagine. But somehow we intuit that what surrounds us has not always been here, and that what we are is not what we were. The installation of Eulàlia Rovira approaches to the basement of the Cathedral of Girona at the quarries on the edge of the city from which the material that forms the building itself was extracted. Stones made from the remains of extinct marine animals with which to doubt whether the inert is really as immobile and as lifeless as language says.


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