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‘Envasar el temps’

— A participative project developed by the Espai de Lliure Creació Carme Malaret

Tuesday 8 November 2022

‘Envasar el temps’

This initiative is intended to motivate individuals and collectives to participate in an initiative to package a moment or moments they wish to preserve, to endow it with a feeling of durability.

Every person was given a transparent glass jar in which they placed whatever they wished to preserve: objects, papers or liquids. Once full, the container was closed and sealed with a specific seal and labelled with the day and place where the action took place. The author was left to decide whether they wish to write their name and a title on it.

At this specific stage of the project we speak of KAIROS, precise time. It is a snapshot of the moment we wish to preserve and record, an image that acts as a frame to a singular narrative. In a second stage, these packaged narratives will be made public in an exhibition display at L’ESPAI. The sum of these singularities will form a single work that is intended to endure through time, or KRONOS.

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