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Em sé arrapats al coll els tentacles del pop

— I Know the Octopus Has its Tentacles around my Neck

13 — 25 November 2018, 6 pm

Em sé arrapats al coll els tentacles del pop
Francesca Llopis, 'Fils d’oblit', 2012

We are time-poor. We work all day without there being a separation between living and producing. We are always trying to get more time out of life so that we can work and meet deadlines and cope with never-ending paperwork. Productivism has invaded our everyday spaces, our relationships, our homes… In the art sector, where many practices are critical with the state of things and with things themselves, why do we naturalise and uphold the precarious material conditions of our production? The productivist imperative summons us to ignore that we have a body, to pack lightly, to externalise or to make invisible both our burdens and our cures, all for the neoliberal promise of total mobility, professional success and an autonomous, sovereign individuality. Em sé arrapats al coll els tentacles del pop [“I Know the Octopus Has its Tentacles around my Neck”] calls on us to imagine practices that interrupt and question productivist logics by thinking about interdependence, vulnerability, meeting spaces or simply recess, all of them critical turning points that bring us closer to other ways of being in the world.

Selected works

Carmen Nogueira
25’ 55’ Diarios, 2004. 04:05
Aitziber Olaskoaga
La sonrisa telefónica, 2016. 38:00
Cecilia Barriga
Im Fluss, 2007. 05:00
Francesca Llopis
Fils D’Oblit 2011, 04:51
Diego del Pozo Barriuso
Casting 1971, 2001. 20:20
Eugènia Balcells
Fuga, 1979. 20:21
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