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El misteri de ser atzar

Wednesday 14 November 2018, 7 pm

El misteri de ser atzar
Mar Nicolás, Sairica Rose, Pepe Ruz, Josep Vila Fisas, 'La mujer de voz', 2018.

We live in an odd interregnum. Except for the irrefutable, are we not supposed to question the essence of everything? Should we not question the literal meaning of what we say, even if that is nothing, a big promise or, often, a threat?
El misteri de ser atzar [“The Mystery of Being a Chance”] is a project that describes the accidental process that took a group of artists to do research on mental health and how it has been portrayed in films, sometimes masterfully, but other times, sadly enough, by reinforcing stigma.
It will feature the projection of video poems and audiovisuals and will end with a debate.

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