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— curated by Irene de Mendoza and Jon Uriarte

18 — 27 May 2017

Sandra Torras, "Des de la panxa del monstre"

The third addition of a generative collaboration that consider's the role of images in the post-digital world.

DONE is a project of thinking and creation that aims at approaching the image’s new ecosystem in the post digital technology and Internet era. In the second edition that took place between November 2016 and April 2017, DONE2 was presented as a laboratory for reflection, research and visual creation revolving around five key issues: thinking, visibility, body, information and aesthetics. The programe has included a section called  Grab, an initiative of audio-visual creation through which a group of five artists have generated unpublished audiovisual works related to the project’s contents.


Florencia Aliberti
Guim Ayora
María de la O Garrido
Ariane, the overexposed model
Laura Tabarés
Des de la panxa del monstre
Sandra Torras
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