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DISCOVER Award 2017

— Exhibition of the finalists and winning videos of the Discovery Award 2017

15 May — 6 June 2017

DISCOVER Award 2017

The DISCOVER Award has been created with the aim to support and recognize the recent production of videos and films by international artists through a free open call to the artistic community. This LOOP Barcelona initiative is supported by Estrella Damm, who sponsors this prize, in line with its longtime support to the cultural sector. The exhibition featuring the finalist projects, included in the program of LOOP Barcelona every year, will be shown at the former Estrella Damm beer factory (Antigua Fábrica Estrella Damm), giving the audience the opportunity to enjoy the works in an exhibition format.

With the aim of fostering a space for the promotion of video art works, the DISCOVER Award has also created an online video channel, in which selected works from the second stage of the competition will be available for viewing and voting.

The DISCOVER encourages artists to participate and the public to enjoy the best international artistic creation.

Finalists and winning works included in the exhibition:

'WALKATIVE: From Mile End to the City. A Choreography of Resistance' (2015) 6 min 38 sec
Rosana Antolí (Spain, 1981)
'STELLA 50.4N1.5E' (2016) 14 min 16 sec
Elsa Brès (France, 1985)
'Volva' (2016) 24 min 16 sec
Edouard Decam (France, 1978) ** WINNER
'A Momentary Flight' (2017) 9 min 45 sec
Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani (Germany, 1965 / 1966)
'Guanyar-se les garrofes' (2016) 12 min, 13 min, 16 min
Forever Blowing Bubble [Bernat Daviu & Joana Roda] (Spain, 1985 / 1987)
'A Fundamental Principle' (2016) 9 min 13 sec
Hyeongsuk Kim (South Korea, 1983)
'Los rastreadores' (2014) 23 min
Claudia Joskowicz (Bolivia, 1968)
'The Tower' (2015) 8 min
Salomé Lamas (Portugal, 1987)
'The Scale of Signs' (2017) 10 min
Gabrielle Le Bayon (France, 1981)
'Mezomaro' (2016) 7 min 7 sec
Giuliana Maria Racco (Canada, 1976)
'El origen de las piedras' (2016) 4 min 53 sec
Mauricio Sáenz (México, 1977)
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