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Comment ça va? III

— A programme curated by Pascal Cassagnau

Sunday 5 June 2016, 6 pm

Comment ça va? III
Safia Benhaim, La Fièvre (2014), 39 min. Courtesy the artist

As the result of years long collaboration with curator Pascale Cassagnau, the CNAP and Le Fresnoy, LOOP presents the third edition of "Comment ça va? III", a film programme dedicated to documentary and documented films. Taking place at the cinema Boliche and the Zumzeig, the programme proposes a selection of short and feature-length films by international artists, questioning filmic representation and narrative structures so to achieve a truthful image of reality and our everyday life.

As following this exploration of cinematic narratives and codes as a means to interpret reality, the Zumzeig hosts a selection of films by French born and based artists, set across Northern and Sub-Saharan African cities. While questioning past and present events or envisioning future scenarios, the works span issues related with ethnography, decolonisation, political exiles and upheavals, the exploitation of labour and the loss of memory.

In Dans ma tête un rond point (A Roundabout in my Head)  the spectator is invited to go behind the scenes at a central Algiers abbatoir. A glimpse into the working lives of the male employees, Ferhani’s feature-length debut touches lightly on wider issues connected with the Arab Spring; and is thus sufficiently topical — as well as aesthetically distinctive.

In Fièvre (Fever) a child perceives the presence of the ghost of a woman (a political exile returning to his homeland), on a night of fever in Morocco. While the history of decolonization and forgotten struggles resurfaces, the children and the ghost merge into a journey through space and time, in search for lost memories and past recollections.

In Psaume a small group of men seeks water and survival, in a part of Sub-Saharan Africa. The dusty villages they cross are inhabited only by mad and infirm, souls left behind by a war. In long sequence shots, the camera embraces the slow progress of the haggard figures, immersing us in a post-apocalyptic world that resembles a science fiction landscape as much as it does the setting of a modern African catastrophe.

*At the presence of the directors and the curators.


Zumzeig - Sunday 5 June 2016, 6 pm

6 pm - "Dans ma tête un rond point" (2016), 101 min
Directed by Hassen Ferhani
8.15 pm - "Fièvre" (2014), 39 min
Directed by Safia Benhaim
"Psaume" (2015), 48 min
Directed by Nicolas Boone
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