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Carles Congost presents ‘Wonders’

— In conversation with Eloy Fernández-Porta

Friday 3 June 2016, 5 pm

Carles Congost presents ‘Wonders’

As part of the PrimaveraPro On-Screen programme, Carles Congost talks about his newly released video 'Wonders'

Wonders by Carles Congost was the winning proposal of the second edition of the Videocreation Prize promoted by LOOP Barcelona, the Xarxa de Centres d’Arts Visuals de Catalunya and Arts Santa Mònica.

What would the history of music be without “one-hit wonders”? The intermittent success and silence at the media, the managing of memories and the emotional power of melancholy are good reasons to love these songs and groups that created them.

Carles Congost, author of Wonders (2016), in conversation with Eloy Fernández Prota, professor, writer and co-author of the script, on the working process of the new film by the artist.

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